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"An erudite and skillful word picture of
comedy history!"

        - Florida Sun Sentinel

"Immensely entertaining and interactive,
humorously informative and nostalgic...
and so much more!"

        - Bellaggio (Lake Worth, FL)

"Lenny's mission and his mirthful message
are a mitzvah!"

        - Niles Township Jewish Congregation (Skokie, IL)


        - Larry Wilde
          "America's Best-Selling Humorist" (New York Times)

"The ultimate compliment was this: no one
t up to leave!  They happily stayed until
the end... and then they wanted more!"

        - Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County (FL)

"This guy oozes likeability!"

        - Darren LaCroix
          World Champion of Public Speaking
Nationally recognized Comedy Historian Lenny Dave serves on the Advisory Board of the new
Borscht Belt Museum in Ellenville, NY
(in the Catskill Mountains).  Lenny is dedicated to preserv
ing the comedic, culinary and cultural legacy of such a special moment in time in such a very special place; “The Borscht Belt.” 

Lenny holds the unique, professional honor of being the first (and only) speaker to perform in both the Red Skelton Entertainment Series and also at the Oliver Hardy Festival, sustaining the legacies
of two comedy legends, Red Skelton and Laurel & Hardy.


For over 35 years as an entertaining, professional speaker, Lenny
has been presenting fun and informative programs for
a variety of audiences across North America.  Lenny's creative mission is simple and very "human" (and needed now more than ever):

        To make a positive difference in people's lives...
         and to help bring an end to "toxic sameness."

To book an engagement or to learn more about the programming possibilities that Lenny can deliver for your organization and your audience, please call: 513-791-4149 or simply click on the
" menu option above.

"100 Years of Comedy!"  -  Audiences laugh, learn and lighten up as Lenny takes them on an entertaining, nostalgic trip down comedy’s Memory Lane… back to a time when the best comedians were both funny and clean!  It's a fast-paced, fun and highly interactive show where audiences relive joyful memories of their favorite comedy stars of the past 100 years.  You can also book this show with "live" piano entertainment!
Now booking for 2024 and 2025.

"But We've Always Done It This Way!"
New ideas translate directly to the bottom line. What's a new idea worth to your company or organization?  To your clients? Lenny's message is eye-opening, compelling and direct:
"Get out of the box or get out of the way!"  This is the perfect program experience to open minds and help the creatively-challenged and idea-impaired who walk among us.

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