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Humor/Wellness Program

     A.  The Essence of Lenny's Shows... in 2 Words: Comedy Nostalgia!
     B.  The Outcome Lenny Delivers to Your Audience... in 1 Word: Happiness!

              - Cognitive: Your audience actively recalls countless comedy personalities and memories.
                    - Visceral: Your audience is immersed in this deeply-felt, positive emotional experience.
                         - Social: Laughter is a social contagion.  This joyful experience is shared with others.


In Lenny's nationally-popular program, "100 Years of Comedy!" (see video above), audiences enjoy an entertaining, fun and fast-paced trip down comedy's Memory Lane.  Lenny playfully serves as your tour guide, driving the comedy bus on a highly interactive, nostalgic visit back to a time when the best comedy was funny and clean!

From Vaudeville, Broadway, Night Clubs and Radio to the Silver Screen, Records and Television, audiences genuinely light up as Lenny spotlights all of their favorite laugh-makers of the past 100 years: Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Lucy, The Marx Brothers, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Milton Berle, Jerry Lewis, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy, Mae West, W.C. Fields, Sid Caesar, Red Skelton, Jimmy Durante, Danny Kaye, Phyllis Diller, Jackie Gleason, Victor Borge, Joan Rivers, Johnny Carson, Carol Burnett and so many more!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Bill Erlacher

With 18 episodes available, some client communities book a series of programs.  Interested in an even bigger event to entertain and delight a large audience (and to perhaps serve as a fundraiser)?  Lenny is often joined on stage by his Musical Director, Bob Vogel.
These "main events" combine a piano concert with the sharing of classic, clean comedy history.

Lenny and Bob team up for even more musical fun with
"The Borscht Belt
Comedy Legacy," What's with Jews & Comedy?," "Love Song Sing-Along,"
"Female Comedy Pioneers" 
and "Theme Songs of the Great Comedians."
We always try to customize a program that's perfect for your occasion.

Lenny is an entertaining, content-rich, comedy historian.  When booked as
"Scholar-in-Residence" or an "Artist-in-Residence" by congregations or
other interested organizations, Lenny's clients host a multi-day, multi-
dimensional event involving a facilitated classroom experience, discussion
dinners, and then a "live" performance for the broader community (a great
opportunity for fundraising, marketing outreach and sponsorship).  These
customized, extended engagements allow for in-depth exploration and
discussion of comedy and humor's role in our society, far beyond just the
celebrity perspective.  Programs such as these are generally underwritten
and/or sponsored.

Lenny, your mission and your mirthful message are a mitzvah!  The
         wonderful show you and Bob performed for our congregation was
         something truly unique, refreshing and uplifting.  I give it
3 E’s… it
         was thoroughly
Enjoyable, most Entertaining and it was delightfully
Educational!  Your seamless blending of wit, wisdom, nostalgia and
         music made for a full performance, in every sense of the word.  And,
         on an even deeper level, the 'gift' you gave us was clean, comic
         therapy; a positive, joyful experience for us all to share; something we sure could use more of these days."
                 -  Ezra Habonim - Niles Township Jewish Congregation (Skokie, IL)

       "Lenny was the consummate professional in all aspects of the event-planning process.  From the booking, logistics,
         communication and follow-up to Lenny and Bob's audience-pleasing performance, Lenny and his team were simply
         phenomenal to work with.  We enthusiastically recommend hiring Lenny for your next Federation or congregational
         event.  His knowledge, demeanor, showmanship and professionalism are as first class as they come."
                 -  Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County (FL)

     "Our Women's Club luncheon was 4 days ago and I'm still getting 
rave reviews!  The ladies were crazy about Lenny and Bob
        and had 
so much FUN!"
                 -  Boca Woods Country Club (Boca Raton, FL)

     "We were delighted to spend our afternoon in such an engaging, fun and nostalgic way.  Lenny's positive personality is
        infectious; his presentation is entertaining and informative."                                                                                                                 -  The Glenridge at Palmer Ranch (Sarasota, FL)

      "Immensely entertaining, interactive, informative, humorous, nostalgic and so much more!  You related so well to our
        audience and were the most friendly guest speaker we have ever had.  Club members approached me right after your
        program ended and they unequivocally want to have you back for Part 2.  It was a great pleasure to meet you and it
        was truly an honor to have such a talented guest speaker."
                 -  Bellaggio (Lake Worth, FL)

Let us help you create an event that meets your objectives and best fits your needs (and your budget).  For over 35 years, Lenny
has worked many types of events... appearing in many types of venues... performing for many types of audiences!

For a variety of wellness and corporate audiences, Lenny's "Healthy Humor: Are You Serious?" offers a non-threatening and much-needed prescription of therapeutic humor and laughter.  Wellness audiences and healthcare professionals laugh as they learn about the evidence-based benefits of healthy, therapeutic humor and laughter.  Remembering (and sometimes, out of necessity, relying upon) one's sense of humor is serious medicine in the healing and coping process.  The term "wellness" describes a state of balance, both in physical health and in emotional quality-of-life... for individuals and organizations alike.  Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful, enjoyable existence.


Bill Erlacher Photography -1.jpg
Bob Vogel - 7.jpg

The feedback Lenny receives is powerful and poignant.

"A standing ovation - rare for a speaker!" 

 - Broken Sound Club, Boca Raton

"Refreshing, uplifting, fascinating and practical - just what we needed! Great inter-
  action and connection with the audience." 

 - P & G International Transferees, Inc.

"Lenny created a wonderful feeling in what is often a very uneasy environment." 

 - The Wellness Community

"Lenny's presentation was a great addition to our company-wide symposium!" 

 - Metro Heart Group (St. Louis)

"Blown away!" 

- Seacrest Village / San Diego JCC Seniors

"Lenny did a great job kicking-off our conference with a presentation that was both
  entertaining and informative!" 

- WISCPHR Annual Meeting

"This guy really gets it!" 

- Caring Clowns International

Lenny is Past President of AATH - The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.  This international organization (founded in 1987) serves as a community of professionals who study, practice and promote healthy humor and laughter.

The emerging field of therapeutic humor gains increased recognition and respect with each new evidence-based research study. Humor, laughter and a positive attitude have been shown to cause behavioral changes known to reduce stress hormone levels and boost the body's immune system response.  This, in turn, helps to fight the effects of chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

Speaking from first-hand experience, Lenny attests, "If you're going to have
a heart attack, you might as well find some humor in it... and I made sure
that I did!"  
Lenny believes that people going through the healing process
need a break from a barrage of what he calls "symptom seminars and mold
spore speakers."

He explains, "A lot of people are 'hurting,' both literally and figuratively.
They're coping with a wide variety of life challenges such as serious illness
or a recent loss.  I think there comes a point where medical techno-jargon
creates a genuine sense of numbness.  Every so often, people just need to
relax, have a few good laughs and forget about things for a while... or at
least see them from a different, lighter perspective."

Lenny Dave - Glenridge-4.jpg



Countless times, we've heard, "Our people are under a lot of stress and they
really could use an opportunity to lighten up a bit and have a few laughs!"
As a result, a number of organizations have invited us to speak at their
meetings, training sessions, conferences and conventions for the simple fact
that our program sounds like something fun and different - and it is!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Bill Erlacher
We're flexible... so bend us!  For "The Wellness Community," we customized
a presentation entitled, "Humor, Laughter, Life and Cancer!"  A similar program was developed for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  These events were emotionally-charged with lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of hugs, lots of people and a very positive release of energy.  The intensity of those moments will resonate for a long, long time.


We're flexible... so bend us!  For "The Wellness Community," we customized a presentation entitled, "Humor, Laughter, Life and Cancer!"  A similar program was developed for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  These events were emotionally-charged with lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of hugs, lots of people and a very positive release of energy.  The intensity of those moments will resonate for a long, long time.



Forget the medical textbook terminology!  Forget the statistics, charts and graphs!  And most of all... forget the podium!  Lenny skillfully creates a relaxed, interactive environment.  Most people want to learn, but they also want to be entertained and have some fun in the process!  So, why not give them both?  The content of Lenny's programs is informative and thought-provoking.  But, he also subscribes to the theory that learning can be and should be FUN!



                                                                                'Lenny moves people through a range of human emotions, giving them the
                                                                                 perspective that truly living is experiencing everything and then choosing
                                                                                 one's own response.  Lenny's special gift is in delivering this message in
                                                                                 such an enjoyable, gentle and lighthearted way.'

                                                                                'Nothing kicks you out of your comfort zone like cancer.  Laughter and
                                                                                 optimism are key.  Your message to me was strong - I am not alone.'

                                                                        'It is my husband who has cancer, but Lenny's program was therapeutic for
                                                                         me too!'

                                                                        'Lenny spoke directly to my current issues - fear of the unknown, the
                                                                         importance of my support team, the value of looking at my situation from
                                                                         a different angle.'

                                                                        'Cancer doesn't have to consume me.  Laughter and positive thinking can
                                                                         relieve a lot of the stress.'


 'The thoughts, feelings and emotions expressed today by many in the group have given me a better understanding of the cancer experience.'

'Lenny, your timeless wisdom has helped me to finally identify my fear.'

'Lenny was able to foster community, enhance understanding, and promote giggling.  There was laughter, a welcomed sense
of playfulness, and a palpable energy of camaraderie.  I hope Lenny continues to reach out to people who so desperately need
to hear this uplifting message.'

'Lenny is warm and sensitive and it shines through in his work.'

        'My attitude and perspective can either help or hinder my recovery process.  We need more programs like this!'

        'Lenny's responsiveness to the crowd and his sensitivity to the trials of the cancer experience made this program a tremendous


        'Lenny helped me see how much I need to eliminate the toxic negativity and fear in my life.  I truly needed this program.  It
         lifted my spirits and fed my soul.'


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