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P & G International Transferees, Inc.

"Refreshing, uplifting, fascinating and practical - just what we needed! Great   interaction and connection with the audience. Lenny really worked the room and   got to know us. We love Lenny!"

Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

"In the four-year history of our Decision Maker Luncheon Series, Lenny's program   ranks first in overall quality. It is always a challenge for us to find speakers who   have a balanced presentation between information and entertainment. Lenny   delivered convincingly on both counts."

Univ. of Southern Mississippi

"Lenny is so much more than just another motivational speaker full of textbook   and theory. This did not suck - this was a great learning experience! Lenny gave   me the opportunity to find ways to become more self-motivated. Thanks for the   activities and the heart-to-heart discussion. Lenny is awesome - bring him back   every year!"

The Wellness Community

"Your message to me was strong - I am not alone... Lenny created a wonderful   feeling in what is often a very uneasy environment. There was laughter, a   welcomed sense of playfulness, and a palpable energy of camaraderie... Lenny   moves people through a range of human emotions... It is my husband who has   cancer, but Lenny's program was therapeutic for me too... Lenny helped me see   how much I need to eliminate the toxic negativity and fear in my life... Lenny's   program lifted my spirits and fed my soul... Lenny, your wisdom is priceless... We   need more programs like this!"

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

"Lenny's program was everything we had hoped for in a personal development workshop. Our students left enriched with new ideas   and new perspectives on how to succeed as chapter officers and in life in general. And, they had fun!"

United Way of Greater Cincinnati

"Thanks to you, Lenny, we hit the biggest home run this annual event has ever seen! Relaxing, entertaining, and good clean fun!   Lenny gave me a new perspective. I came away with a happy heart."

Bank One

"Lenny's presentation was right on the money. I received unsolicited, positive feedback from lawyers and paralegals alike who   appreciated not only the substance of your message, but also your humor and style. This was no easy feat considering that you had a   very tough audience."

Parent of a Miami University Student

"My son called last night and was as excited as I've ever heard him as he described your presentation. Your energetic, challenging   approach has motivated Nick to move to the next level in his life. For this, I will be forever grateful!"

Sussex County Community College

"Not only was Lenny's presentation informative and productive, it was FUN - an element so necessary in the learning process. It   certainly lived up to my expectations."

Emory University

"Expertise, enthusiasm and a lot of fun, too!... Lenny's message to me: Rest but do not quit. Say yes when others say no!.. Lenny   helped me to rethink my leadership style - I don't have to be a sucker!.. I'm at a point where I have many difficult decisions to make.   I really appreciated Lenny's encouragement... Lenny brings important ideas to the forefront with a touch of fun!.. Lenny took the time   to genuinely understand the concerns and culture of our campus."

Temple University

"An amazing speaker - I loved the interaction!.. Lenny helped me to realize that it's OK to ask for help. I am not in this alone. I don't   have to do it all myself!.. Lenny lessened my anxiety and helped to actually make planning this major event enjoyable... A dynamic   presentation, and unbelievably well prepared!.. Thank you for a great afternoon!"

Women Entrepreneurs, Inc.

"Lenny's topic was timely and very relevant to our needs. The program was interesting, informative and of considerable value to our   membership. It was apparent that a great deal of thought and preparation went into this."

U.C.-San Diego

"Outstanding presentation - Our students want him back! Lenny was a joy to work with - any school would be lucky to invite him to   teach and perfom. Even a 20 year student affairs professional can learn new things from him!"

University of Texas - Dallas

"Lenny is an energetic and passionate performer. He kept the attention of the audience through a highly interactive presentation with   real life examples.

Kent State University-Salem

"Our student government has a whole new attitude and approach to their responsibilities. I don't think I've heard 'but we've always   done it this way' since Lenny left."

GLCA Black & Latino Conference

"Lenny captivated the audience! He knows exactly how to identify with them while also delivering a powerful message!"

County College of Morris

"Lenny skillfully creates a relaxed, fun atmosphere in which to liberate one's creative spirit. Very refreshing."

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity

"You taught our men to open their minds, be accepting of new ideas, and to think freely - not an easy task when the mindset is... but   we've always done it this way."

JP Shuller Consulting

"Lenny really walks the talk. He puts the audience at ease, connects with them, and reminds them just how much fun learning can be."

Great Oaks ABLE Program

"Your commencement address was truly a fun, inspiring and special part of our graduation ceremony. You delivered the exact   message our students needed to hear."

Teikyo Post University

"Our students loved the interactive nature of the Lenny's program and left with great ideas for the rest of the semester. Perfect for RA   and Orientation Leader training."

Miami University

"In these days of so much uncertainty, we need some wholesome encouragement backed by a wealth of experience and substance.   Lenny's presentation was everything I could have hoped for - and more!"

Slippery Rock University(Campus Lecture)

"It's great to know that someone loves their job as much as you do and can express that to a student audience as you did. What a   delight it is to work with such a professional. Thank you for being such a class act."

Slippery Rock University(Faculty Workshop)

"Your message of creativity, empowerment and responsibility helped us to launch the semester with enthusiasm rather than dread. I   was impressed with your range of training techniques. You had something for everyone."

ICCSAA Conference

"Lenny got our leadership conference off to a great start. His presentation was professional, filled with humor, anecdotal and   insightful."

PCPA Conference

"I was excited about coming to this program, and Lenny exceeded my expectations!"

Association for Quality Participation - Cincinnati

"A polished, professional speaker - at ease, spontaneous, knowledgeable. I loved the mix of humor and serious information. It's great   to know that someone loves their job as much as you do, and can express that to an audience."

Valencia Community College

"I loved the way Lenny brought his concepts to life! Very clear. Very effective. He helped me to understand that real success means   confronting my fears and being persistent when I get frustrated. So much of the world is negative, stuck, and unwilling to change. It   is refreshing to see a free spirit who helps us to renew dreams and goals - to forge ahead. Thank you!"

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"Lenny radiates genuine concern for the students, their experiences and their frustrations. His presentation was imaginative,   educational and valuable. Lenny's insights and observations captured the audience from the outset."

Mercer University

"An excellent, fluent, precise presentation. Lenny's variety of teaching methods really keeps it interesting. He not only makes it as   easy as 1-2-3, he has challenged us to take initiative, to take the next steps in pursuing our ideas. There are so many opportunities   out there if we cultivate our own creativity."

American Society for Training & Development - Cincinnati Chapter

"Lenny was great as always. One of our members indicated that this was one of the best presentations he's ever heard at one of our   meetings."

Denison University

"Lenny shows an intense interest in the students. He was a pleasure to work with, and the students found his message very useful."


University of Cincinnati - OCAS

"Your commencement address was most enjoyable."

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