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College Program



USAToday says, "Colleges and universities are learning to work with a new breed of parent."  According to one study, campuses hosting Parent Orientation programs have increased from 7% in 2003 to well over 75% today.


          "Lenny's program is consistently the highest rated component of our Parent Orientation - 16 years and running!"

               - McKendree University (IL)

          "For the 3rd year in a row, our parents loved Lenny!  His presentation consists of the perfect combination of
           relevant information, audience participation and overall content.  And, it's fun - you cannot help but smile!"

               - Univ. of Pittsburgh-Johnstown

          "Lenny kept our parents and students engaged, laughing and interacting... for the 3rd year in a row!  This is a
           great, energetic and fun experience."

               - Lone Star College (TX)


Just as the college experience has a profound impact upon the lives of students (and usually a very positive one), it has an equally significant impact upon the lives of parents.  Lenny's "The Art of College Parenting" program (usually presented on campuses in the summer during Orientation & Move-In Days) helps to prepare anxious college Moms and Dads for the journey that lies ahead. Parents' fears are alleviated and their most basic, pressing questions are addressed in this informative-yet-still-light-enough-to-be-fun presentation.




Lenny also presents this timely and essential program for parents of college-bound, high school seniors.  Issues relevant to the academic and social transition from high school to college are brought to the forefront, as well as other campus lifestyle "surprises" they're about to encounter.  Even if a parent has "been down this road before" with another son or daughter, it's important to remember that for every child, this is their first and only time going through the stressful gauntlet!  Take nothing for granted.

Lenny creates a shared, "live" experience that opens up the lines of communication between students, parents and school counselors. Effective?  Parents sound off...

          I wanted to let you know how very much my son and I enjoyed your talk last night.  During our ensuing
          conversation, I finally heard him say (for the first time!) that he now believes he has the confidence, knowledge,
          independence and skills for college and beyond.  As a parent, I can't tell you how powerful that is!"

          My daughter and I really enjoyed your presentation last night.  Thank you for sharing your learning with us.
          Being a first-time parent of a college-bound child, we both found it to be really helpful."

Lenny's program is also receiving kudos from high school counselors:

          "A great night!  This will become a regular, annual event for our school." 

               - Walnut Hills High School

          "Given the response I received from parents, I feel even more confident that it's needed and appreciated!" 

               - Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy


It's simple - "There is always more than one right answer!"  Never before has the opportunity and creative challenge been more clearly set before a generation. College students have always rallied behind the battle cry for "Change!"  But, when
push comes to shove, many campus club and organization leaders often have little
or no clue about how to generate new ideas, what questions to ask, nor do they have a basic understanding of from where new ideas emerge.

For over 30 years, Lenny's been helping student leaders and campus organizations learn how to see new possibilities, how to generate new ideas (lots of them) and, ultimately, how to come closer together as a productive, effective team so they can truly lead their campus.  Lenny's FUN, motivational keynotes and interactive workshops inform and entertain campus audiences across North America - and students come away knowing how to respond when someone offers up the tired excuse, "But, we've always done it this way!"

"This did not suck - this was a great learning experience!  Lenny is so much more
 than just another motivational speaker full of textbook and theory.  Thanks for the
 fun activities and the heart-to-heart discussion.  Lenny is awesome - please bring
 him back every year!" 

     - University of Southern Mississippi

"Lenny's expertise and compassion combined to deliver one of the best values for
 the money I've ever experienced in my professional career.  Clearly a hit with the
 students, Lenny is definitely on the 'invite back' list!" 

     - Oregon State University

Opportunity - in a word, that's what the campus experience is all about.  Some students seize it and build upon it.  Others waste it and are the first to complain that none exist.  Lenny challenges students to learn critical thinking skills and the kind of relevant 'real world' information to which they're not exposed in the classroom - information that can positively impact their college experience and beyond... in a career search, in the workplace, in the community, and personally.




Yes, today's students want to learn... but they also want to be entertained and have fun.  So, why not give them both?  Lenny's message is serious, but he also believes that learning can be and should be fun!  Lenny combines a powerful message that students need with a dynamic approach that students love. Forget the podium!  His keynotes are fast-paced and visually engaging.  And, Lenny's interactive learning environment for a campus leadership workshop includes large group, small group and individual creative exercises that zero in on campus-specific issues.




Lenny invites and challenges you to examine the possibilities.  Every campus is different... and yet, they all have so much in common!


     FALL - It's a powerful jump-start to kick-off the new school year. 

     WINTER - It's a great pick-me-up to beat the mid-year blues and blahs. 

     SPRING - It's timely and effective when used right after New Officer transitions.

As a Creative Leadership Program, Lenny facilitates programs for:

     - Campus Clubs & Organizations 

     - Student Government 

     - Fraternities & Sororities 

     - Orientation & First Year Experience 

     - Residence Hall RA Training 

     - Career Planning & Placement


Whether you call it a workshop, conference, symposium or retreat, Lenny's in-depth, hands-on, active learning environment will have participants listening, laughing and learning.


As a Keynote/Lecture, Lenny's message hits home with all types of audiences... from wide-eyed freshmen to anxious seniors, traditional and non-traditional students, graduate students and yes, even faculty and staff.


Lenny has presented keynotes for Convocation and, as the capstone of the college experience, he has even donned cap and gown to deliver the Commencement address!


Does your campus have a Core Curriculum or Core Competency program which all students must complete prior to graduation?  The unique nature and scope of Lenny's presentation invites co-sponsorship opportunities and academic, departmental tie-ins including but not limited to:


     - Art 

     - Communications 

     - Education 

     - English 

     - Entrepreneurship 

     - Fine Arts 

     - Journalism 

     - Theater


Need more ideas of where to look for co-sponsors?  Don't forget about campus and community professional business organizations.




Lenny's program is flexible to meet the specific needs of your audience and your agenda... from a half-hour to a half-day.  If you're planning a Leadership Program for the first time, Lenny will gladly share his expertise with you.  Whether you're looking for a campus lecturer, a workshop facilitator, or a banquet keynote speaker, you'll definitely get the most bang for your buck!

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